About US

PushNoti is composed of a team of programmers and marketers each excelling in his or her own field for a decade at least.  We worked together to build a solution accessible to all and relevant to the issues facing customers in the real world.

PushNoti services are available to clients both large and small.  To make it accessible to businesses with limited technical capabilities we’ve created a  simple to use dashboard.  For everyone else we recommend the PushNoti API, which would grant the customer full control of all activities and user segmentation.

Why PushNoti?

Our technology is built from the ground up, we don’t depend on any 3rd party software (and neither will you).  We’re self funded, and it’s important because that means we won’t compromise our technology or service to increase profits for outside investors.

Don’t believe us?  We don’t sell packages so big that you’re throwing money away for “just in case.”  We don’t sell packages limited by features, forcing you to purchase a larger package to get features not available in the cheaper ones.  Actually, we don’t sell packages at all!  We believe that our customers would be better served by a pay-as-you go, usage based model.  Just pay for what you use, nothing else, while accessing all of our features no matter if you have 100, 1000, or 1 million subscribers.

How we designed our Pricing Model.

Our pricing is designed to be simple and fair.  For each subscriber you acquire we will charge $0.002, that’s it, no monthly fees, no additional services charges.  The formula is structured as follows;

Lets say you gathered 6370 subscribers on your website, at the end of each month you will be charged $0.002 for each one of them.  It will look like this; (6370 x $0.002 = $10.274) As you grow and gain more subscribers the formula stays the same, so there are never any surprises.

It is also important to point out that our pricing is based purely on the number of subscribers and not the number of notifications you send.

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